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There is hope in the face of addiction. We are nationally renowned, data-driven clinicians and researchers from Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Together, we provide judgement-free, personalized care that’s reducing addiction rates, improving recoveries and saving more lives.

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If you or your loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction, we’re ready to help. Our admissions process connects you to the targeted care you need.

Treatment Programs

The Addiction Alliance of Georgia makes the gold standard in substance and addiction treatment available close to home.


Using proven prevention practices, the Addiction Alliance of Georgia offers a holistic model for addiction prevention to keep families and communities healthy and strong.

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Addiction Alliance of Georgia Opens New Treatment Center in Atlanta

Twenty-two months after launching the Addiction Alliance of Georgia, partners Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of the Emory Addiction Center..

Emory, Hazelden Teaming Up To Fight Addiction And Aid Recovery

Aiming to halt addiction, improve recovery rates and save lives, Emory and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation confirmed about $1 million in donations and commitments toward...

Addiction Program Launched As Overdose - Related Emergency Room Visits Rise

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Emory Healthcare are joining forces to create a new addiction and recovery resource: The Addiction Alliance of Georgia.

Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Join Forces to Create the Addiction Alliance of Georgia.
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