Training an Addiction Care Workforce

Education goes a long way toward prevention

Addiction education has the potential to change people’s lives for the better. At the Addiction Alliance of Georgia, we’re preparing a workforce of medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, public health and other personnel to build a health equity approach to substance use education in Georgia. Our goal is to give all those whose life’s work is touched by the implications of substance use disorders training that cultivates hope and healing.

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Programs for professionals and medical students

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Professionals in Residence

Combining clinical observation with classroom learning, the Professionals in Residence program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation prepares trainees to recognize challenges of addiction and advocate for those who need help.

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Summer Institute

Often described as life-changing, the Summer Institute for Medical Students at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation provides classroom instruction and patient shadowing opportunities.

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Telementoring Program

Long-range, phase two plans include an addiction-focused remote learning program that will broaden access to education for health care professionals statewide, particularly in rural areas.

You Can Help Improve Addiction Care In Georgia

When you give to the Addiction Alliance of Georgia, you’re helping communities across our state access the proven leadership, expertise and resources needed to collaborate and innovate more affective approaches to addiction care.

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