An Alliance for Addiction Research

Transforming addiction care

The Addiction Alliance of Georgia is working to change the way the world sees and responds to the disease of addiction. Harnessing the combined expertise of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Emory University and its healthcare system, we are establishing new standards for evidence-based addiction treatment and care in ways that will transform addiction services and inspire other facilities to follow.

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Research for impact

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Improving health equity for Georgians

With research as one of our top priorities, we are continually harnessing clinical care data to improve treatment and strengthen outcomes so that more people in our state and beyond can access world-class addiction care.


Advocating for new national standards

National standards for addiction treatment and measuring outcomes currently do not exist. Our collaboration has access to a vast database of past outcomes data that we are using to inform evidence-based approaches to treatment and personalized care.

Collaborating for innovation and implementation

Not only does the Addiction Alliance of Georgia present a new approach to addiction care, the collaboration of Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has us poised to leverage research that drives novel approaches to addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.

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Addiction Alliance of Georgia Launches Prevention Collaborative in Atlanta School

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Emory, Hazelden Teaming Up to Fight Addiction and Aid Recovery

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Addiction Program Launched as Overdose-Related Emergency Room Visits Rise

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Emory Healthcare are joining forces to create a new addiction and recovery resource: The Addiction Alliance of Georgia.